London via China
My food diary, culinary explorations and learnings along the way.

On The Bab - Korean Dinner

Last night I went to On the bab for dinner on Old Street, London. The small restaurant doesn’t take bookings, and when we arrived at 7pm there were only 3 tables still available so I recommend going early to avoid a wait.


We ordered a couple of the small dishes to start with (pictured above). Saeng dubu: fresh tofu with OTB soy sauce, topped with spring onion and toasted seaweed, and the kun mandu: pan fried chicken dumplings. The tofu was served cold, which was light and refreshing, and the dumplings were crispy without being greasy.

Bi bim bap

Then we had bi bim bab, a rice dish served with vegetables and a fried egg, plus additional beef on one and spicy pork on the other. It’s one of my favourite Korean dishes and what I liked about the bi bim bab here was the generous servings of vegetables which was more than some other Korean restaurants I’d been to. There was also a pot of gochujang ( a Korean chilli sauce) on the dining table to mix into the dish as much as you want! As a fan of spice this was a big plus for me.

Square Meal